New Exciting UpCycling Water Bottles that are Environmentally Friendly

Make a statement with your next promotional water bottle hand out with Upcycling bottles.

What is Upcycling? It is a second life for recycled materials.

Upcycling diverts materials from the waste stream & recycling to create a product of higher quality & value than the original.

Here’s How it Works:

Single-use PET drink bottles & HDPE milk jugs are reclaimed from municipal recycling centers.  Containers are sorted, shredded & sanitized to meet FDA compliance to make rPET & rHDPE material.  Single-use containers are given a Second Life as Reusable, Refillable & Recyclable Sports Bottles!

Discover the Manufacturing Advantage.  100% Post-Consumer Recycled Material!  MADE IN THE USA.  Imprint with your company logo.  Great for outdoor events, run/walk fund raiser events, Cycling fun raiser, races, trades show handout, corporate meetings, school events and many others. Always in stock in many colors.  Great alternative to disposable bottles.

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