We do Consecutive Barcode label for Blood and Tox lab forms

Consecutive barcodes are increasingly used on a wide range of documents and products for easy tracking or unique identification purposes.

Blood and Tox Lab Forms
Consecutive barcode label for blood and tox lab forms, which are widely used within the Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, are often multi-part NCR  forms with peel-off labels or integrated labels.  The labels are consecutively barcoded and are applied to samples or test-tubes as a unique identifier for that particular sample. The labels often have specialized adhesives for refrigeration and freezer conditions.

Unisource _ number one source for the consecutive barcode label blood and tox lab forms . We have the equipment to do CONSECUTIVE NUMBERING.  most printers can print barcodes, but not consecutively numbered.  We not only can do the consecutive barcode but we verify that the numbering on label to the form making sure they are correct.   The lab form is created under one roof, less waste and mistakes.

Integrated labels have a self-adhesive laminate patch affixed to the reverse of the sheet with a precision die-cut. This creates a lab (label can be created to the size you require), form and labels that can be  printed in one process.  This streamlines the end user processes, which saves valuable time and money, and reduce errors.  Integrated labels are perfect for lab forms being personalized  by the Blood and Tox lab using a laser printer, dot matrix  printer or hand written snapout forms.

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