How to capture more customers with promotional logo items.

In an age where secretaries are now called “executive assistants” and garbagemen are called “sanitation engineers” why call the promotional logo items you will hand out negative words like Tchotchke or trinkets.  These items are purchased to represent your company.

So if your thought process is buying tchotchkes or trinkets what do you think you will purchase?

Low end and cheap items that really are not representing your business at all.   That tchotchkes or trinket item will not help you build a relationship with a potential customer.   It might even turn the customer off.

A promotional logo item should show your customer how valuable you are to them.

You want them to see your company as a creative and professional organization ready to solve their needs.  Use words like trade show giveaway, new hire kits, corporate gifts and logo image hand outs, to set your mind to purchase quality.  Remember you have spent thousands of dollars on a trade show booth and all the graphics and table covers so you can capture new customers.  Send them away with a positive experience and something they will keep.

When you are purchasing quality promotional logo items the struggle is budgeting.

Remember two rules: 1)  Setting a budget for your promotional logo items needs to be thought as an investment for company growth not an expense.  2) Contact a professional promotional product sales associate to find quality items that will keep you in budget.

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