Supply Chain and how it will effect your next print project

Every industry has been hit with Supply Chain issues, the printing industry is no exception.  The most important commodity for printers is the paper materials.  The mills have been down in production due to labor shortages for over 2 years.  The paper mills have been informing us that this will not change for the rest of 2022. The national demand for printed products has gone way up since we have all been back to business as somewhat normal. The supply of paper materials is at an all time low.  Some materials are 2-3 months out especially in the medical lab forms industry which have barcode applied or integrated labels . This supply issue is unheard of in the print industry, never before have we as a whole had problems with buying paper inventory .  Mills have all printers on allocations so this has been a real challenge.

Rush deliveries are not available due to supplies and even on time deliveries can be a challenge.  Companies are asking their customers to order early.  You can do a few things to keep your supplies from running out.

  1. Watch inventory closely
  2. Implement a reorder policy within your company
  3. When you have new projects/events plan for your printing and other items such as banner, table cover and promotional item early in the process.
  4.  Know where your high resolution logo artwork is stored and make sure the department ordering has access.

Lets all work together to keep you in stock with your forms and supplies.  Unisource Printing and Promotions is ready to help you navigate your printing and promotional needs.

Building Your Company Brand

Building Your Company Brand

Your company brand is very important.  By definition “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a client’s decision to choose one provider over another. Your brand’s value is merely the sum total of how much extra people will pay, or how often they choose the expectations, memories, stories and relationships of one brand over another.”

So how do you build that brand?  Here are some suggestions that are tried and true:

  • Establish Expectations for Remarkable Experiences: You must always strive beyond good.  Never just deliver a product or service at a good price on time.  Many of your competitors can do that.  With every interaction with your customers, you need to leave them feeling great about themselves and the reason that they chose you.  Set a standard of excellence that is personal to each client.
  • Make it Memorable: Write a handwritten thank you note, Go the extra mile and personalize the product sample or proposal, Create a timeline that is accurate and conforming to the customer needs.
  • Be a Friend: Always make it about the relationship, Get to know your customer_Birthdate_Family_Interest.  Friends can have conversations about other things so your call to clients will not be a sales pitch every time.
  • Know what you stand for and take a stand: Define your brand.  Chooses honesty, integrity, reliability and go deeper.  Take your stand and don’t wavier your principles.  Become known as being impeccable.  Know your worth, charge for it and never lower your price without taking something back from project.  To stand for your worth you will gain respect from your clients.
  • Know what you’re good at and be great at it.  Stay in your lane better to be good at a few things than just okay at many.
  • Promote your brand:  You must promote your brand by providing useful content through social media, promotional giveaways, trade shows, events and business meetings.  Work constantly on becoming the preferred brand in your category.

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