Preparing for a Trade Show

Well you just signed the dotted line on the perfect location for your booth at a show with the target market you are looking to advertise.

So your done right???? No, no you have just begun the process. Here are other items you need to think about before time runs out:

  1. Banners, Retractable banners,Table top displays, Pop up displays
  2. Table Covers
  3. Brochures, Rack cards, Post Cards, Flyer, Business Cards
  4. Giveaways – Promotional logo items so your potential client can take your name with them. Make sure it is something useful for the industry.

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Tips for preparing for Trade Show

You think there is plenty of time to work on these items but there are things you might not anticipate:

Maybe the corporate logo artwork is not ready to print as one color imprint, or you don’t have a good electronic artwork file in EPS format.

The item you really want to order takes 7-14 days to get though from set up to delivery.

You may want to see sample of the product you want to purchase before you make the expenditure.

The printed material will need to be thought out and maybe pictures taken or requested from your vendors etc.

Unisource can help you get the ideas and review your artwork and if necessary create new artwork that will work for the project.  We can place orders with an in hands date (Date when you have to have on site) so you don’t have to store for months or spend money before your ready.

Have you signed the bottom line already?  Are you ready to have Unisource help you make this a smooth preparation to your successful trade show?

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