Making your Corporate Logo give away specific to your customer or employees at events or meetings

You feel people don’t keep or use your give away items so why purchase the items in the first place right?  Well we can help with that worry.  Unisource Printing Services and Promotions can get you a great looking full color promotional glass, mug, water bottle or travel mug that will advertise your company logo and information as well as put your customer’s or employee’s name.  Most people will keep something that has there name on it.  In the office employees can use there glass, mug, water bottle or travel mug and never worry again about which is theirs.  Customers will remember you as the company that cared enough to make a mug special for them.

It is also a great give away at running and fundraising events allowing you to put the names of each sponsor to personalize their thank you gift.  The options are limitless.

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