Logo artwork for printing and promotional items

What kind of logo artwork do you need for creating professional printed and promotional items?

When you need a printed item or promotional give away it is very important that you start with artwork for your company logo that is high resolution and clean.

What does that mean?  You should have a 300 dpi eps file with outlined fonts.  Sometimes a 300 dpi PDF file will work.

This type of artwork can be created by you cheap with a design software or by another source.

It should not be a file that you get off the internet.  It should not be a low quality proof file.  It should not be a jpeg or png file.

Please do not try to convert a low resolution file into a high resolution file and save as an eps with outlined fonts.  If it is low quality when you start it will not get better just because you rename the file.

If you have a logo designed always ask for a 300 dpi eps file with outlined fonts when the project is completed, and you have paid the designer.  All designers will know what this type of file means.  Some designers will not willingly give this  type of a file to you but at Unisource Printing and Promotions we always will.  That is what sets us apart.

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