What are BPA Free Water Bottles


What does that mean?


So what you ask, does that matter to me when buying promotional products?  It should.  You are handing out a water bottle with your company name on it.

Let me explain what Bisphenol A is and the dangers of ingesting this hormone-disrupting chemical.  It has been linked to development problems, mental disablities, thyroid disfunction, cancer and many other illnesses.   So why would you want to pass out something that can harm your target market?  One answer you may have is the water bottles that have BPA are cheaper.

Unisource has addressed that answer with a great water bottle.  It is 26 oz  and is BPA FREE.

Go to our website Unisource Printing and Promotions and get great summer promotional product with your name on it at a low cost and you can be proud to hand out.  You will know that your target market will be safe drinking from this water bottle.

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