Understanding Integrated forms for medical, insurance, transportation, financial and warehouse industries forms and labels

Integrated forms take on many variations, however, a basic definition would be the application of a liner material to the back of a sheet. The face is then die cut to allow for the removal of a label or card. The value in this process is in combining two print processes into a single application. For example, a shipping document may be printed in one location of a plant, while the shipping label is printed at a different location and, often, at a different time. The variance creates the potential for errors. Integrated products allow the card or label to be imaged at the same time as the carrier document thus reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

Integrated labels are used to create marking systems for shipping products, mailing, return goods and other applications where affixed labels are the best solution. A transfer tape liner is applied to the back of the area where a label will be created. The label size is limited only by the requirements of the user. It’s very common to see multiple labels within a single document.

Whether you need unit set, continuous, laser or roll formats, we offer integrated solutions produced with accuracy and consistency.

Unisource is perfect for these types of projects because of our unique manufacturing plant that keeps the project under one roof.  We have total control of the timing and quality which in the end benefits the customer.

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