Name Badge Release Program

Are you tired of buying one name badge at a time and being charged with a set up each order and shipping charges that usually cost more than the name badge?  Are you ordering 10 or more Name Badges in a year?

Unisource Printing has a answer for you, it is called our Name badge release program.  Minimum order to start this program is 25 Name badges.

To start the program we create an order for you with the name of the Corporation or Medical Practice in one to full color ink or engraved.  The badges can be metal or plastic.  The fastner options are pin, magnet or holder.

Later the name of employee can be printed or engraved one or two lines if you want to include a title line.

Here is the BEST PART, you pay only for the name badges ordered and the originating set up cost.  Once the job is finished we place in  inventory waiting for your release.  Just send us an email with the requested names and they ship out of plant to you no charge within 48 hours.

Call Unisource and let us help you save money today. 586-992-0556  send email.

We ship anywhere in the country!

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