We do Consecutive Barcode label for Blood and Tox lab forms

Consecutive barcodes are increasingly used on a wide range of documents and products for easy tracking or unique identification purposes.

Blood and Tox Lab Forms
Consecutive barcode label for blood and tox lab forms, which are widely used within the Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, are often multi-part NCR  forms with peel-off labels or integrated labels.  The labels are consecutively barcoded and are applied to samples or test-tubes as a unique identifier for that particular sample. The labels often have specialized adhesives for refrigeration and freezer conditions.

Unisource _ number one source for the consecutive barcode label blood and tox lab forms . We have the equipment to do CONSECUTIVE NUMBERING.  most printers can print barcodes, but not consecutively numbered.  We not only can do the consecutive barcode but we verify that the numbering on label to the form making sure they are correct.   The lab form is created under one roof, less waste and mistakes.

Integrated labels have a self-adhesive laminate patch affixed to the reverse of the sheet with a precision die-cut. This creates a lab (label can be created to the size you require), form and labels that can be  printed in one process.  This streamlines the end user processes, which saves valuable time and money, and reduce errors.  Integrated labels are perfect for lab forms being personalized  by the Blood and Tox lab using a laser printer, dot matrix  printer or hand written snapout forms.

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What is a Medical Lab Barcode Label form?

Medical Lab Barcode Label form is used by labs handling urine and blood samples.

Unisource creates your lab form with all custom copyCustom positioning and size of labels are created to fit your medical labs work flow.  We can print up to 6 colors and as many labels as you need.  Our labels are made with aggressive adhesive for hot and cold applications.  No more labels falling off specimens.

Continuous pinfeed forms or laser compatible forms in 1 part and multiple parts using high quality NCR paper or Micro paper.  We have affixed or integrated labels available.  Forms and labels are printed at one location.

We offer complete design in house with proof showing where your labels will be located and allow you to test the barcode to make sure it reads correct on your system.

We have verification systems in place to help with tracking the number on the label to match the number on the form which is very important.

Unisource has been working in the medical industry since 1987.  We understand the need for accuracy and have built our company on that need. 

Health care professionals – for more information see Test Requisition Lab Forms.


EDDM Mailing Great way to increase sales

Quick facts proving EDDM mailings work

  • 76 % of consumers trust direct mail when it comes to purchasing decisions
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Quickbook Checks, Laser checks

QuickBooks Checks Style

Anybody can say we print QuickBook checks, laser checks but can they do it with 99.9% accuracy, delivered fast to meet your company need? Unisource Printing and Promotion does just that.

We have many colors and styles:

  • Standard Screen Blue, Green, Gray, Cranberry, Purple
  • Marble Style, Teal, Tan, Blue, Mauve, Yellow, Orange, Turquoise, Purple
  • Size 8.5 x 11  Check is 8.5 x 3.5

Check Safety features

  • Warning Band in border of the check indicating the document contains security features.
  • A typical copier or scanner cannot duplicate MicroPrinting in the signature line on laser checks and in the border on manual checks that repeats the words “original document.”
  • The “MP” Logo, which stands for MicroPrinting and is recommended by the Financial Stationers Association.
  • A Padlock Icon inside the border that indicates that at least two security features are included on the check.
  • A Security Screen printed on the back of each check reads “original document” with a list of the security features and will not photocopy clearly.

We can also supply you with your envelopes, Deposit tickets single or 2 ply, and Endorsement stamp.

We guarantee the safety of your account number information.

Starter packages of checks with envelopes, deposit books and endorsement stamps are offered to first time customer at special pricing.

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