How to Combat Check Fraud….. 

Purchase check fraud prevention ballpoint writing ink pens with your company logo imprinted.  Great marketing tool for companies involved with checks such as banking, inventment firms, real estate or legal industries.

Ballpoint pen writing inks that are formulated to resist: Water-Fading-Erasing

Check fraud washing schemes account for more than $815 million in fraud annually.  Now there is a low cost way to help prevent this type of fraud.  Unisource Printing and Promotions has 5 different style pens that offer special ballpoint writing inks that will resist washing out.  These pens adhere to ISO 12757-2 standards for ballpoint pens.  Tests include resistance to UV, water, eraser, ethanol, bleaching, hydrochloric acid and ammonium  hydroxide.

Cost as low as .52 cents each with your corporate logo imprint.  Large selection of pen body colors including one with a stylus.

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