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Tips on Marketing your Business

Tips on Marketing your Business

Many ways to market your business but one of the best is to get something in the hands of your customers.

Here are some tips for you to consider when your budgeting money for marketing:

Reward Referrals – Receiving a referral from a customer is a big deal.  It means they trust you, like your work and enjoy doing business with you.  Rewarding the referral with a company branded item will make them feel special.  Make sure that you have  a few choices because you want to give them something that they will use.

Attention getter – Trade shows or other events is a great opportunity to get noticed.  Hand out something different. Something bright in color maybe or something that would bring people back to their youth possible.  Let Unisource Printing and Promotions 586-992-0556 help you find that special item.

Break the Ice – Handing out a gift with your company brand is a great way to break the ice and start a conversation with someone that has never met you or knows anything about your company.  This item can be anything but best to have it pertain to what your company does.

Although you hope your gift gets used by the person you handed out to it is not always the case with promotional items.  Sometimes your item will be handed over to someone else or left behind and picked up by someone else.  This can be a good thing because now someone you never met will have your company information doubling your advertising impact with little effort on your part.