What is a Medical Lab Barcode Label form?

Medical Lab Barcode Label form is used by labs handling urine and blood samples.

Unisource creates your lab form with all custom copyCustom positioning and size of labels are created to fit your medical labs work flow.  We can print up to 6 colors and as many labels as you need.  Our labels are made with aggressive adhesive for hot and cold applications.  No more labels falling off specimens.

Continuous pinfeed forms or laser compatible forms in 1 part and multiple parts using high quality NCR paper or Micro paper.  We have affixed or integrated labels available.  Forms and labels are printed at one location.

We offer complete design in house with proof showing where your labels will be located and allow you to test the barcode to make sure it reads correct on your system.

We have verification systems in place to help with tracking the number on the label to match the number on the form which is very important.

Unisource has been working in the medical industry since 1987.  We understand the need for accuracy and have built our company on that need. 


EDDM Mailing Great way to increase sales

Quick facts proving EDDM mailings work

  • 76 % of consumers trust direct mail when it comes to purchasing decisions
  • 98% of consumers check their mail box daily.  That means 98% are seeing your printed postcard, flyer, mailer etc…
  • Physical mail earns response rates 10-30 times higher than electronic emails.
  • EDDM mailing postcards generate 15 X the response rate of a marketing email.

Getting started with EDDM mailings is simple.  Call the experts Unisource Printing and Promotions 586-992-0556 or Email us harrison@unisourceprinting.com


Quickbook Checks, Laser checks

QuickBooks Checks Style

Anybody can say we print QuickBook checks, laser checks but can they do it with 99.9% accuracy, delivered fast to meet your company need? Unisource Printing and Promotion does just that.

We have many colors and styles:

  • Standard Screen Blue, Green, Gray, Cranberry, Purple
  • Marble Style, Teal, Tan, Blue, Mauve, Yellow, Orange, Turquoise, Purple
  • Size 8.5 x 11  Check is 8.5 x 3.5

Check Safety features

  • Warning Band in border of the check indicating the document contains security features.
  • A typical copier or scanner cannot duplicate MicroPrinting in the signature line on laser checks and in the border on manual checks that repeats the words “original document.”
  • The “MP” Logo, which stands for MicroPrinting and is recommended by the Financial Stationers Association.
  • A Padlock Icon inside the border that indicates that at least two security features are included on the check.
  • A Security Screen printed on the back of each check reads “original document” with a list of the security features and will not photocopy clearly.

We can also supply you with your envelopes, Deposit tickets single or 2 ply, and Endorsement stamp.

We guarantee the safety of your account number information.

Starter packages of checks with envelopes, deposit books and endorsement stamps are offered to first time customer at special pricing.

Don’t look elsewhere call Unisource Printing and Promotions first.

Overage_Underage in quantity ordered in the Printing Industry

Overage_Underage in quantity ordered in the Printing Industry. Quantity ordered verses quantities shipped is the often missed subject when a printer speaks to their customer.  In the 30 years Unisource Printing and Promotions has been working in the industries we have also missed pointing this out as well.

So what is this Overage/Underage in quantity ordered come from and what does it mean?

From the perspective of the offset printer, producing a particular quantity of printed pieces is not an exact science. For one thing, a printing press is not like a light switch. It cannot be turned on and off to print exactly 50,000 copies, so the printer almost always either prints too few or too many copies.

In addition, there are many different manufacturing activities within the production process. For instance, one side of a press sheet is printed, then the other side is printed after the first dries. Once the presswork is complete, the printed press sheets are transferred to post-press for trimming, folding, collating, stitching, etc. Ink-jet addressing and other lettershop activities may follow. In the course of each production task, printed sheets are wasted. This waste is called spoilage. To eventually hand off to the client a completed press run of 50,000 copies of a publication, a printer must start with many more copies, assuming he will destroy a certain number in each step as part of the manufacturing process.

Within the printing industry, a membership organization of printers called the Printing Industry of America has developed a series of trade customs. Among these is a standard for overage_underage. This is the terminology for the copies of your publication that exceed or fall short of your requested press run.

According to these trade customs, a printer charges a customer for the actual number of copies produced, up to 10 percent more or less than the requested amount. The key here is the word “actual.” This is not an arbitrary number. The printer can only charge for what he hands off to the customer.

So next time you speak with a printer and he doesn’t mention about these overage/underage and quantity billed ask the question.  You can request exact quantity but then you can expect your price to be slightly higher since the extra printed pieces will be recycled instead of delivering to you to be used.

This information and more can be found on Printing Industry Exchange website under Overage_Underage in Printing Industry.

Unisource Printing and Promotions looks forward to service you.  586.992.0556



Retractable Banners have many styles

Retractable Banners have many styles.  They are an excellent marketing tool.  Companies use retractable banners to show new product at conventions or trade shows.   They can also be used at sporting events, golf outings and within office buildings and hospitals.

Retractable banners come in many styles and sizes:

Standard low cost Retractable Banner Stand is the lighter weight entry level retractable that comes with a simple case.  

Deluxe Retractable Banner Stand features all the benefits of the standard retractable banner stand plus a sleek wide base design with polished ends. This stand is a convenient and professional way to showcase your products and services. This stand has an adjustable telescopic support pole to allow for graphic size adjustment. And when not in use, banner can be retracted easily and stored in its aluminum casing. Includes a carrying case.  The Deluxe can be single or double sided print.

SD Retractable Banner Stand is very appealing and features a sleek and stealthy base. Use it to gain attention of those passing by. This stand has adjustable poles to allow for graphic size adjustment. Stand includes a traveling bag.

L Banner Stand  is a great way to display your graphic. It requires easy set-up and is light weight, making transportation a breeze. Stand includes a traveling bag.

X Banner Stand Showcase your promotional banner with the X-stand. It is durable and is the most cost effective display. Stand includes a free travel bag, making it easy to carry to trade show exhibits, lobby exhibits, and much more.

Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner Stand  Our Back Drop- Large Tube is portable and ideal for a background display for trade show booths and photo shoots. These stands have telescoping 1.625″ diameter poles that extend out, meaning they are adjustable to certain sizes. Stand also includes travel bag.

Tension Fabric Banner Stand is the latest in indoor stand-alone advertising.  The interlocking tube hardware is lightweight and built for lightning quick setups, no tools necessary! Once the hardware is in place just slip the “pillow-case” stretch fabric graphic over the frame, zip the graphic closed and set-up is complete. Graphics are full-color custom dye-sublimation. This can be printed one or two sides.

All the above banner stands can be printed in full color.  The retractable banners can be printed on vinyl  or fabric material using dye sublimation.

Ask the experts at Unisource Printing and Promotions what would work best for your company today harrison@unisourceprinting.com or Call 586-992-0556